Ford Thunderbird Shop Manuals Website About Us

Ford Thunderbird Shop Manual .com is a library of information, shop manuals, books, history and more to help all fans of the wonderful T-Bird series of automobiles. Whether you are fixing up an early model Thunderbird, customizing one, restoring one to as new condition or just taking care of your pride and joy, this website will provide you with a vast array of resources to make your tasks easier whatever they may be.

Much can be learned from others who share an interest in the Thunderbird, and this website aims to provide a central location for everyone to share their tips, hints, suggestions, pictures, stories, original advertising materials and to help locate needed parts. The goal is for this site to be your one stop clearing house for all types of information related to the Ford Tbird.

Your are invited to join in and share your suggestions on how to improve this site for everyone.

Ford Thunderbird History

In addition to helping you fix up, restore, repair, and maintain your Thunderbird, this site will be used to build a library of information, pictures, stories and more regarding the history of the Tbird, from conception through latest production models of this unique automobile. We want to honor the contributions of those that came up with the original concept as well as the many people who have played an important part in the development, promotion and distribution of this iconic American automobile.

If you would like to contribute any pictures, stories, articles, etc., please contact us so that we can get the information online and saved so that others around the world can share and enjoy the rich history of the Ford Thunderbird.

Helping You Find the Information You Need

Another goal of this site is to provide a central resource for people to buy, sell, share, trade and exchange shop manuals and other printed materials, cds, pdfs and downloadable files etc. to help when working on your car. If there is enough interest shown, a forum will also be added to further help with the dissemination of information to the world wide community of classic Thunderbird enthusiasts.

Contact Information

Please join in the conversation by posting on articles, joining in the discussion on the forums and contributing your thoughts and suggestions, tips and information about this timeless car, as we work to build an online community that all can enjoy. If you would like to contact us directly you may use our contact page to send your questions, comments,suggestions etc. that you my prefer not to do in the public sections of the site.