SFI Ford Transmission Shields

For those of you that are into drag racing, off road truck racing, mud bog or other competition events that require a transmission shield to be installed on your vehicle we have a link to a great website that can provide what you need.

SFI Transmission Shields

They have very nice quality SFI approved transmission scatter shields at very reasonable prices. The one I got for my C4 was beautifully powder coated and was fairly simple to install. The shield was shipped the same day I ordered it and when I got it the SFI decal on it was a month ahead so that was another benefit. The last shield I bought had a decal date that was already 8 months old when I got it and the guy would not take it back and give me one with a newer decal.

These guys sell not only Ford C4, C6 and AOD scatter shields but other models as well. Next time you are in the market for a trans or flexplate shield, check them out.

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